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Our mission is to provide the space and opportunity for inclusive recreational, educational, cultural, work readiness, sporting programmes and services, to improve the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of children and young people living in and around the BD10/2 areas of Bradford by working in partnership to raise the attainment of children at risk from the impacts of low attainment, poverty and criminal activity. 


Our strategy is to ensure that young people can participate in a range of activities that ensure they are ‘literate for life’ by arranging our programme around 5 key themes.



Our Themes


Play and Movement is our physical literacy programme.

To help children and young people to be physically competent across a range of activities such as; balance and movement, story and movement, active play, weekly physical challenges, yoga and forest school.


Learn is our educational literacy programme.

To help children to be educationally literate through homework clubs, a centre-based library with book club and loans.


Think and Feel is our emotional literacy programme.

To help children and young people develop emotional awareness of themselves and others, to apply those emotions to thinking and problem-solving and thirdly to regulate their own emotions and to develop the ability to cheer up or calm down another person. Our Respect, Resilient and Ready programme helps young people to become emotionally competent. 


Live and Lead is our social literacy programme.

To help children and young people develop personal and interpersonal skills such as responsibility, collaboration, leadership, communication and being part of a family, club, group, community and place.


Explore is our cultural literacy programme. 

To help children and young people broaden their horizons, understand, work with and experience customs and culture and explore their own cultural roots. 


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